- Today we are mostly soliciting home appliances industry employers to gradually increase the number of jobs, conduct further reinvestments, invite new subcontractors as well as invest in R&D, thus creating innovative work places for engineers and higher staff – said Marek Michalik, President of Łódź Special Economic Zone, during the IV International Forum of Home Appliances Manufacturers.The event initiated and organized by Müller - Die Lila Logistik Polska was held on 11 and 12 May at Andel’s Hotel in Łódź.

- It was many years ago that we realized that home appliances manufacturing industry in Poland does not have a platform which would allow them to make comparisons, search for solutions or exchange experience. We wanted to have a meeting of active people working in the same industry who in the future might look for solutions together – emphasised Michael Müller, President of the Management Board Müller – Die lila Logistik.

The international event for home appliances manufacturers and home appliances industry suppliers for the second time was held in Łódź Region. Last year the event was hosted by Pabianice next to Łódź. Łódź was not chosen by accident. Manufacturing of home appliances is amongst one of the industries of which growth is assumed by the regional development strategy.
– We are not present in Łódź yet, but who knows, maybe we will start discussing it after this meeting – declared Adam Cich, Electrolux General Director for Central and Eastern Europe and President of the Management Board of CECED.

This year the agenda of the Forum was dominated by issues related to challenges for European and Polish home appliances industry, digitalization, omnichannel concept, i.e. various distribution channels, personnel management in the home appliances industry and creation of new categories of products.

Among others, the correlation between generational change and personnel management was underlined. Participants wondered how to convince younger generation to improve their technical skills on various levels. – We should have a special employment offers for people in the middle and lower levels, e.g. special insurance package, good remuneration, appropriate working conditions in the production hall or an offer of foreign trips – said Aleksandra Rychta, HR Business Partner CEE from Electrolux. Leda Turai Patrauskiene, vice-president of International Coach Federation, in her presentation, pointed out that in order to be successful in getting with the product to people from different generations, it is necessary to get to know their habits and ways of thinking. – For the Generation X the quality and recommendations from respected people are important. On the other hand, Generations Y and Z value design and prestige.

The discussion on simultaneous support of different sales channels focused on the challenges for the modern logistics. – Customer will want to buy in many channels at the same time in the shortest time possible – concluded Piotr Skobało, Logistics Director at Neonet. The Forum also tried to answer the question which of the state-of-the-art technologies might revolutionize the delivery chain. In the voting at the end of the discussion, the majority of participants voted 3D printing, leaving behind such novelties as autonomous vehicles or drones.

In the discussion about creation in home appliances, Magdalena Lubińska, President of Code Design, pointed out to the direct impact of design on the increase of sales of products while maintaining their current properties and components. – Today design means finding an optimum connection between users’ needs, available technologies and business requirements. Szymon Bogusz from Elematec shared his experience of Japanese market, where engineers are currently working on creating a glass fridge which would allow to take a look inside it without the necessity of opening the door or of a one which would maximally prolong the freshness of stored products.

The IV International Forum of Home Appliances Manufacturers was undoubtedly an opportunity of a meeting for home appliances manufacturers from all around the world who are looking for cooperation possibilities and who strongly want to contemplate the future development directions of this industry not only in Poland but also in the entire Europe. Almost 200 representatives of the major companies from the Home Appliances industry and from its business environment in Poland took part in this year’s event.

Bluevine Consulting was the organizational partner of 4th edition of the Forum. Main partners of the Forum include: Łódź Special Economic Zone, The Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency, Łódź Municipal Office, Marshal of Łódź Region Office and E.G.O. – a company from Łódź.